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Two years back we brought you a stunning trailer for this short which the entire film world picked up. However, director Ebbeto failed to tell anyone when he put the full thing online, but in pieces. We just talked him into uploading the full 27 minute short and it is stunning, and below. ANALOG tells the tale of a machine traveling in deep-space which has as a primary function the preservation of a living organism: a man. Strange events with biblical analogies begin to occur, disturbing the machine and making it rethink it’s priorities.


• Design of Metropolis + Tron = Stunning trailer for Brazilian scifi short ANALOG

The second short film from EBBËTO is currently playing the fest circuit, and at 25 minutes in length and the looks of this trailer, my jaw almost dropped. I want to see the whole thing now. Seriously, check it out folks.

“Analog”, Amazing New Short

One of the great things about our modern society is the ability to see new storytellers telling interesting stories. The embed is of ANALOG a 27 minute short directed by a Brazilian director named Ebbeto.
This isn’t for the casual sci-fi fan, but if you like your stories with Biblical overtones, and intelligence, this baby just might tickle your brain.
I hope this bodes well for director Ebbeto and I’m looking forward to more from him.

• io9
The Brazilian SciFi Short “Analog” Is Minimalist Cyberweirdness

Here’s the trailer for the AMAZING-looking “Analog” from Ebbëto. It’s sort of a weird (good way) minimalist sci-fi story of deep space travel, artificial intelligence morals, and mankind. I was watching this and got really excited because of its similarities to George Lucas’ original Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138 4EB.

The Brazilian SciFi Short “Analog” Is Minimalist Cyberweirdness
This creepy-cool trailer for EBBËTO’s 25-minute-long film Analog is an agoraphobe’s worst nightmare -a machine keeps a man alive during a deep space journey. Unfortunately, the machine begins to reassess its programming, and a lot of symbolic oddness precipitates.
Analog evokes the black and white psychological strangeness of Pi and Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Good stuff.

God’s zoo gone punk (Ebbëto – Analog)

God twitches. Facial muscles and hand-eye coordination goes out the window. The first woman really was created from the first man. Behavioural conditioning probably inspired by Aphex Twin, a grin never completely primordial, nor balancing on the edge of cocaine-induced grit teeth mania. Sleeping. Perchance to dream. God might have been an intergalactic surgeon with faulty implants. If his hands went faulty, what of his brain?
Welcome to Ebbëto‘s Analog, an arthouse experimental sci-fi short coming from Brazil. Verdict? 10/10.

Do not be fooled by the two-sentence description of one of the greatest sci-fi surprises coming from Brazil. Analog does include a creature that is more like a cyborg than just a machine (it’s capable of crying), there is a sense of deep space (often intervowen with phases of dreaming or visions) and there is also a man (spending most of its time in a catatonic state in a life-supporting tank) – but the 27-minute short gives itself slow and hard and ends up way more complex than it looks.

And that’s mostly because of its abstraction. Monochrome, minimalist, claustrophobic settings (much like Japanese cyberpunk flics Rubber’s LoverTetsuo or S-94 where even outdoors feel claustrophobic). Soundtrack and sound effects purely rooted in and made out of noise (love the way laughters are distorted into the wall of noise!). Slow dramaturgy, never thawing out of the deep space temperatures it resides in. Bergmanesque slow takes. A cavalcade of symbols rich in Biblical references. You will soon realize how deep space travel fluctuates between phases of sleeping/dreaming and taking a brief look at the experimental man in the life-support tank but you can quickly acquire a cinematographically auspicious doubt and easily loose track of when the traveler/surgeon/God is awake and when he’s seeing taunting visions/nightmares.I simply cannot love Analog enough. Not the kind of short you instantly rewatch because you love it so much – its impact will leave you with some inner silence and lots of question marks. The internets leave us with the notion that this short was done on an ultra-small budget and if that’s true, I feel definitely humbled. Camera work, sound work, editing, characters and the number of possible graph paths to interpret the motifs of the man/machine leave me satisfied. If this is Brazil, I want more of this. (Wait, there actually IS more – you can watch Ebbëto’s first movie Lagartija Nika on Vimeo!)


As you’ll know here at cinehouse we love sci-fi, arthouse and short films but rarely do we see all three genres together but today we do have something, a short sci-fi arthouse film ANALOG. The 27 minute short film tells the tale of a machine travelling in deep-space which has as a primary function the preservation of a living organism: a man. Strange events with biblical analogies begin to occur, disturbing the machine and making it rethink it’s priorities. It might not be to everyone’s taste but visually it looks superb,slow but very stylish.

• Tool Farm
ANALOG trailer by by Ebbëto – Stanley Kubrick Meets David Lynch?

“ANALOG is Ebbëto’s 2nd short film. His first, Lagartija Nika, can be seen online at Tokyo’s CON-CAN Film Festival site. ANALOG is a 27 min, black and white, Science Fiction film made in 2009. This short extract features the music of OIL 10 “Passagen”, by the French electronic music composer, Gilles Rossire.

• Fooyoh Entertainment
This Brazilian SciFi Short Is A Must Watch



Design of Metropolis + Tron = Stunning trailer for Brazilian scifi short ANALOG.
The second 25 minute short film from EBBËTO is currently playing the fest circuit.


• Iniara.com
“Analog: an independent science fiction short film”

Eerie? Indeed. Bizarre? Maybe. Excellent? Oh yeah. The main character sort of reminds me of Zordon from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The visuals and monochromatic appearance truly give the film a dramatic and cold effect. This type of visual work is so hard to come by, I’m glad there are still people out there that are producing modern cybernetic visuals with a retro feel. Films like 2001: A Space Odyssey come to mind which I’m pretty sure were among the artist’s inspirations. The soundtrack is especially haunting, utilizing a slow paced beat with deep analog like sounds; mostly saws and squares I believe with a few higher pitched beeps, hisses, and screeches and the like to complete the science fiction/cyber ambiance. The blending of images, rendering, and filming combined truly make the piece a work of art in itself. The beauty of science fiction is that it opens a world of endless possibilities where imagination knows no bounds, in Analog you are transported to a different place where it’s hard to sympathize or comprehend just what it is that you are looking at because it’s so different from our reality.

Every detail is meticulously crafted and well presented, the overall look is consistent and eye-catching. I spent every second marveling the procession of the visual story. It really doesn’t need words, the silence spoke much more to me because the visual impact and sound are enough to convey a message. There are a few Judeo-Christian elements in the story such as the Adam and Eve concept visually represented by a naked man and woman frolicking in nature while the main character watches but doesn’t engage himself even though there is physical interaction. The marriage of science fiction with religious undertones and the macabre is something hard to achieve so beautifully. The film is dark yet not so much in a horror kind of way, just reflecting the duality of human nature and machine. Machines are cold and superfluous compared to the nature of humankind which can be flawed just like any other machine but it is a lot basic in its makeup and essentially carnal.

The end result is a bizarre film that’s interesting to look at from start to finish and leaves you pondering about concepts of creation and/or worlds out there. One thing is for sure, I want the main character’s clothes and goggles. I love the mad scientist look. How can you work with blood and not get stained? You’re obviously very skilled or a machine as is the case of this short film.

• “Ficção científica brasileira, sim senhor! Conheça “ANALOG”

Por Denis Pacheco |17.03.2010

Cadê o sci-fi no Brasil? Em longas-metragens nunca vimos nada muito representativo. Entretanto, se depender do artista gráfico Ebbëto, estamos para dar o primeiro passo rumo a um obscuro, mas intrigante futuro.

Com seu segundo filme já pronto para desfilar festivais mundo a fora, Ebbëto lança “ANALOG”, curta de 25 minutos declaradamente feito com um baixo orçamento, mas que consegue já no trailer me fazer questionar: quem precisa de dinheiro quando se tem visão?

O roteiro conta a história de uma máquina que viaja pelas profundezas do espaço e que tem como função principal a preservação de um organismo vivo: um homem. Estranhos eventos com analogias bíblicas começam a acontecer, perturbando a máquina e forçando-a a repensar suas prioridades.

“2001”, “Metropolis”, “Solaris”, “Tron” e por aí vai. Gostamos e queremos mais!



O curta esta sendo enviado para festivais do genero fora do Brasil, já que aqui não existe ainda um espaço significativo. No momento só esta disponível o trailer com a música do Gilles Rossire, vídeo que podem ver neste mesmo artigo. O filme conta a história de uma máquina que tem como função principal a preservação de um organismo vivo: um homem. Estranhos eventos com analogias bíblicas começam a acontecer, perturbando a máquina e forçando-a a repensar suas prioridades. O filme foi feito com baixo orçamento e só foi possível sua realização com dedicação, talento e muito tempo dedicado. Desfrutem do trailer e aguardemos sua apresentação no mundo todo.


• Watch Analog, An Experimental Sci-Fi Short

What better way to spend Memorial Day than inside, in front of a computer, watching an experimental sci-fi short? That’s what I’ve been doing instead of enjoying a rare blue-sky day in Seattle. Analog is a longish short (27 minutes) from filmmaker Ebbetto. Check it out below, and we’ll reconvene afterwards.
Analog definitely isn’t going to be for everyone. It is slow and obtuse, and while I tend to dig that kind of deliberate, cautious tempo, I’ll admit, the whole thing does feel too long. Something that shouldn’t happen in a movie that’s less than 30 minutes is for it to be repetitive, but there are some elements that occur over and over and trip up the pace.
That said, Analog is still an interesting watch. There is a creepy ambience, and while that blanched out visual style can overwhelm your eyes from time to time, the look is consistent and unique.
What little traditional narrative there is—Analog is an exercise in visual storytelling—revolves around a craft travelling around deep space. The mission of the vessel is to sustain the man living inside. There’s a pseudo Adam and Eve story going on—like I said earlier, obtuse—which the ship apparently doesn’t like, and things spiral off from there.
More than likely there’s going to be a love/hate divide with Analog. This isn’t normally my cup of tea—and if they’d trimmed seven or eight minutes the pacing issues could have been smoothed over—but I enjoyed the film, and think it’s worth checking out if you have half an hour to kill.

• Analog is a short film not for everyone’s tastes

Analog is an experimental science-fiction short film which seems to divide audiences. In other words, you love it or you hate it. Which side are you on?

• Minimalista cyberfurcsaság Brazíliából

Az Analog, brazil sci-fi rövidfilm, mely a cyberstílus furcsa játéka. Ebbëto alkotásáról van szó, mely bizarr, de frissen ható 25 perces agrofób rémálom: egy gép által életben tartott ember űrutazása.
Ebbëto második rövidfilmje ez, az első a Lagartija Nika volt, mely a tokiói CON-CAN Film Festival oldalán is megtekinthető regisztráció után. Az Analog egy 27 perces, fekete-fehér, 2009-ben készült SF, melyhez zenében is különleges választás tartozik: a francia elektronikus zene alkotójától, Gilles Rossire-től az OIL 10 „Passagen”.
A film rövid története egy űrutazásról szól, egy géppel, melynek elsődleges funkciója egy élő organizmus, egy ember életben tartása. Furcsa események zajlanak, bibliai analógiák, s gépi hiba következtében az emberi prioritás folyamatos, körkörös újragondolása.
Az Analog talán az első hiteles brazil SF, mely világszerte versenyképes a rövidfilm fesztiválokon. Alacsony költségvetésű alkotásról van szó, s talán ez tette lehetővé, hogy a filmen dolgozók mindent beleadtak, hogy megszülethessen alkotásuk.
A film pszichikai gondolatvilágával és alacsony költségvetésével idézi meg a Pit, ill. a Tetsuot.


• Analog, una película brasilera de Ciencia Ficción religiosa

ANALOG es la historia de una máquina que viaja en la profundidad del Espacio con la función primaria de preservar un organismo vivo. Un hombre. Entonces empiezan a ocurrir eventos extraños con analogías bíblicas, perturbando la máquina y haciéndola reconsiderar sus prioridades.

Esta película se puede catalogar dentro del nuevo subgénero de la ciencia ficción que algunos autores – como Gregory Benford- y críticos proponen como Teo-Ficción, o Ficción Religiosa.

La dirección, edición, animación 2d, fotografía y el guión fueron hechos por el director brasilero Ebbëto.

Destaco el diseño sonoro y edición de audio por parte de RENATO JAW y RODRIGO BARALDO – SEMENTE CÓSMICA.

• Oil 10 + EBBëTO : musique de film

Oil 10, c’est le nom de scène de mon ami Gilles Rossire (plus connu par ici sous le nom de “Robby Movies”, sisi, vous savez bien les excellentes chroniques ciné) Eh bien figurez-vous qu’un réalisateur brésilien – autant dire un gars du bout du monde – a choisi l’une de ses pistes pour illustrer le trailer de son moyen métrage. De quoi être fier, non ? Toute la magie de la musique : être entendu, aimé en toutes langues. Bravo Robb… euh, Gilles !



Ebbëto is a illustrator and web designer who made a short science fiction with a minimalistic aesthetic. The flick seems creepy. Watch the preview below.


Trailer for Brazillian sci-fi Short ANALOG – The short movie is the second movie from this director and the short is currently doing the rounds at the film festivals and is getting some fantastic feedback. The movie can only be described visually as a minimalistic metropolis meets 1984 with a bit of Tron thrown in for good measure.
Analog is a film that  tells the tale of a machine travelling in deep-space which has as a primary function the preservation of a living organism: a man. Strange events with biblical analogies begin, disturbing the machine and making it rethink it’s priorities.
I have a funny feeling it played Glasgow Film Festival last month and if it did ill go crazy, this just looks stunning. I tried to see if the full short was online but my search was unsucessfull.


While I’m in my sci-fi zone, here’s the trailer for the visually insane short film, ANALOG by Ebbëto.

• Stunning ANALOG trailer, the second short film by brazilian Ebbëto.


“ANALOG is Ebbëto’s 2nd short film. His first, Lagartija Nika, can be seen online at Tokyo’s CON-CAN Film Festival site (lots of stuff to watch over there, folks!)ANALOG is a 27 min, black and white, Science Fiction film made in 2009. This short extract features the music of OIL 10 ‘Passagen’, by the French electronic music composer, Gilles Rossire.

the Trailer of ANALOG feat. Oil 10 !

• Design of Metropolis + Tron = Stunning trailer for Brazilian scifi short Analog


• COOL TRAILER – I like this because it looks a bit like THX1138 and unlike everything else

Minor minuses – it goes on for an eternity, looks like a music video and appears to use Blender or Poser or something that is the playground of amateur bedroom/basement bondage pornographers… but never mind about that – cool. Something way outside traditional faire.

Analog es el segundo cortometraje del director Ebbëto, este corto de ciencia ficción con duración de 27 minutos está filmado en blanco y negro y es considerado como el primer film de ciencia ficción brasileño. Analog fue filmado en el 2009 y cuenta con la música del compositor francés Gilles Rossire, el corto concursará en el Worldwide Short Film Festival.

• I’m proud to present the trailer of ANALOG (feat. the track “Passagen”). The director is Ebbëto, a graphic artist and film maker from Sao Paulo


• Directo desde Brasil Ebbeto Graffx nos enseña el corto de su película titulada Analog

El contexto se sitúa en el futuro y nos lleva por la historia de una maquina que viaja a través del espacio con un solo objetivo: preservar el único organismo vivo. Mientras la maquina intenta cumplir con su meta una serie de eventos extraños con analogías bíblicas hacen que dude de sus prioridades y tome un curso diferente.
La música corre a cargo de Gilles Rossire (compositor francés de música electrónica) y Gengivas Negras (Ambient/Experimental de Brasil).

• ANALOG – Trailer for sci-fi short
. How good does it look


• The Brazilian SciFi Short “Analog” Is Minimalist Cyberweirdness


Un corto genial, realizado por ebbeto, donde tomo un extracto de ANALOG que es un corto de 27 min, en blanco y negro, de ciencia ficción que él (Ebbeto) realizo en 2009. Este corto contiene la musicalización de OIL 10 “passangen” por el compostitor de música electrónica francés, Gilles Rossire

São raras as vezes em que temos a oportunidade de divulgar um filme BRASILEIRO de ficção científica, fantasia, fantástico ou terror, aqui no Capacitor Fantástico.
O artista gráfico e ilustrador Ebbëto nos alegra com o lançamento de seu segundo curta ANALOG.
Imagens impressionantes, evidenciando o óbvio: a força de grandes ideías, a despeito do orçamento curto.

• Analog: ebbëto’s brazilian sci-fi short is raw, minimalist and monochrome (and just a trailer)






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